April Coleman

Chief Executive Officer



Married Couples Weekend Getaways (MCWG) has been operating since 2011 but was incorporated in September 2020.  The company's mission is to create space for couples to enjoy one another.  We stand by the philosophy "stronger families make stronger communities".  We believe there is a step before that; "Stronger marriages make stronger families".  It is our goal to strengthen the family.  We are a Christian organization that stand by the biblical principles and ordinations of the bible. Our company seeks to further those biblical principles by providing avenues for couples to create tighter bonds of marriage.  

MCWG is an LLC owned and operated by April Coleman.  She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and holds a BA degree in Sociology.  She has worked as an Administrative Executive for her local county government for 30+ years.  Upon her retirement, she followed her passion, starting a business that focuses on marriage and the family.

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