Let's Take a Ride. . .

Short Trips ....relaxing trips

Enjoy the Ride!

We like to choose trips that are close enough to drive.  If you live in the Carolinas, chances are...you're within 3 hours of the venue.  You and your spouse will begin to rekindle the fire right from the start!  Ladies, you can start with packing the bags with all the things you know your husband would otherwise forget.  Men, you can get the car prepared and all cleaned up for the beautiful ride together.  Then...you're on your way to a weekend of rejuvenation!   Pssst....dont forget that surprise gift you want to pull out!


Image by Octavio Fossatti


couple riding.png


hotel room.jpg

Settle in!

We choose the place,
you pack the bags!

Don't forget to pack a special gift or surprise for your spouse!


Now that you've arrived, put your feet up and take a rest.....and get ready for an enjoyable weekend!